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July 2006 - July 2008

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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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POUCH MAIL IS BEING DISCONTINUED FOR ALL MISSIONARIES SERVING IN BRAZIL. All mail must be sent directly to the mission office. (See Contact Information link)

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(excerpts from e-mail sent November 27, 2007)

Hey family,

Just so that you know, I am writing this e-mail on a day other than P-day. It’s not like I want to, but yesterday was crazy, and we didn’t get around to doing e-mail.

I got the Cami/ Melissa package last night, and it’s pretty awesome. Made me very happy. I’ll send them a letter next p-day. I’ll try to at least keep a few rules.

Also got the other 2 christmas packages which, according to the elders in the office, makes me the mission champ in the package-receiving department.

This was a really awesome week- we baptized 3 people- victor, amaury, and jaquelinne. They’re all cousins, and victor’s brother is a member, so he actually baptized them, which was great to see. The other cool thing is that Victor is deaf and dumb, so we learned a little bit of sign language, and used his brother as an interpreter and were able to teach him. So now I know how to go up to a stranger on the road and tell him in sign language that if he’s not baptized he’ll go to inferno. Very useful, huh?

Some other cool things happened this week- gave the first lesson to a gym full of 'little marines,' ran into an old friend from Miracema, 15 hours away, etc. Tell you later.

Anyway, next week I’ll write more and answer your questions and everything. But it was a very excellent week, I’m very happy now, and this week I’m going to do a trade with Elder Field (from the MTC). We’re going to go crazy and see some more miracles. I just wanted you guys to know that I’m alright and happy and things are going well.

Love you!
Elder Maughan