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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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(excerpt from e-mail sent Oct 30, 2007)

Hey guys-

How are things going? Things are going pretty well here. It was a halfway decent week and today is transfers, so things are going well. Im going to be transferred to Valparaiso, which is some town close to Gama (my first area). I think. I`ve never been there, but I hear it`s nice. I`ll be there with Elder G. Goncalves (as opposed to Elder Goncalves and Elder M Goncalves, and Elder J Goncalves), whom I`ve never met. Anyway, I`m not really sure what to expect, but you`ll hear all about it next week, don`t worry.

I realized that it`s been a while since I`ve gotten around to being a good son and sending photos, so I decide to repent this week. The first one is of my friend the garbage man. After a few weeks of just talking through the window, we stopped one day to take our picture together, and took advantage of the opportunity to get his address and send the missionaries to his house. Then there`s a picture of the district- E. Godinho, E. Sansom, E.Chahine, me, E. Powers, E M Silva, S. Gold, and S Campos. It was a really fun few transfers with this district, and I`m going to miss them. But half of them are being transferred, anyway. Then there`s a picture of me and some famous buildings here in Brasilia and me and the bus station. Sheer excitement.

Anyway, this past week I worked with Elder M. Silva, our zone leader. Very fun. We worked like crazy, talked to zillions of people… and didn`t baptize anyone. Yes, that`s right, I finished the transfer with 0 baptisms (Elder Chahine baptized in Paranoa this week). But hey, it`s not like I sat around on my hands for 6 weeks, even if the numbers might not look so good. I`m learning about the difference and relationship between being happy, good, and successful. Basically, I`m not sure that they`re all that related. I can be happy without being successful, I hope.

Man, I remember that there were some cool stories from this week… I just don`t remember what they were. Saturday was a fun day- we played a little soccer and I showed everyone what`s what. We played for like 5 minutes, and the American missionary with no soccer skills whatsoever (or coordination, for that matter), scored a goal! It was impressive. At least, I was impressed. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I`m twice as big as the 9 year old who was guarding me, but I won`t go into details. Then we all sat in the middle and taught a lesson about the restoration.

The area didn`t close, although Elder M Silva and I got the scares of our lives when, on Thursday morning (the day President decides the transfer), President called up just to ask for our bishop`s phone number. Our phrase for the week is `it`s probably a good thing,` and tried to think of positive situations and reasons for President to call. We couldn`t come up with any, haha.

Just got the e-mail from santa…haha. Yeah, go ahead and throw in two stockings. But don`t go overboard in giving me too much- I just packed my suitcases this morning, and they`re really heavy. Stuff to share is always good. I can`t believe it`s almost November already! And they say there`s a package in the office for me, which I`ll get today at the transfer, and enjoy throughout the week….

Last Monday was a fun day, and we went to help the sisters in our district move. We also got totally wet, since the rain has returned. But it was a fun time, running around in the rain, walking around in something other than dress shoes, etc. We even got an extra oven, clothes-spinning machine, bunkbed, and 2 more mattresses out of the whole deal. Which don`t fit in our house.

Sunday was also fun because we did a division and I went to Estrutural to get some less-active young men to go to church. The member and I waltzed into everyone`s house like we owned the place, pulled them out of bed, dressed them, washed their shoes, etc. Very fun. Then squished 8 of us in the car and went off to church. It`s always great to see people returned to church, to remember how it was, how they felt there, etc.

Alright, sorry this e-mail seems kind of sporadic, but it`s the best you`ll get for the week. Now we`re off to say bye to a few members, take more pictures, etc. more videos and pictures from our mini house, for sure. Love you guys, and life is good!

Elder Maughan