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Elder Eric Maughan
July 2006 - July 2008

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Look here for new photos and a movie. (08/20/07)

TRANSFERRED (06/25): Eric has been transferred to the town of Cruzeiro, an area that he has worked in before. It has a McDonald's and WalMart and lots of English-speaking people.

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(excerpts from e-mail sent 3 September 2007)

Hey guys,

How are things? Sounds like everything’s going relatively well there, you half-empty-nesters!! Don’t feel bad. It happens to everyone…. I’m glad to hear that Melissa’s off there at BYU safely. I wouldn’t be too worried about her if I were you; I know her and I know BYU and I’m sure she won’t have any problems.

Things are still excellent here in Cruzeiro. It was a really normal and uneventful week, actually. The mission’s still doing really well and our district horribly, but what can you do? We taught 140 lessons this week as a district, and had a training (which might not be the right word in English) and even a special fast to bring people to church yesterday, which was completely ineffective as far as the numbers are concerned. But hey, it’s not like we’re not trying. In a district of 8 missionaries (10 this week) which includes: one assistant, two zone leaders and one district leader, we didn’t baptize anyone. Again. In Brazil!! But I’m actually relatively happy today, so don’t worry. It’s all just a huge trail of my faith, I think. And it’s not like we’re not trying…

In answer to your question, all the missionaries in the district live in Guará, expect for me and Elder Hoon. It’s another neighborhood of Brasilia, economically similar to Cruzeiro. That’s actually where we are right now. Today has been an adventurous day: we went to the doctor’s office at 8:30 in the middle of Brasilia (to look again at Elder Hoon’s foot, but no worries), then hitched a ride to the mission office, grabbed some materials, and headed off to the Brasilia bus station. There we just hung out and ate (hot dog, hamburger, ice cream, and churro), until we decided to come visit the elders here in Guará, so we grabbed a bus here, ate some more, and now we’re doing e-mail together. It’s all one big party. Like I said, I’m totally loving taking the buses everywhere. It’s very relaxing and enjoyable. Now that I’ve got the hang of it at least.

I just sent a few pictures, too. There’s one of us and Bruno, an 18-year-old from the ward who’s getting ready to go on his mission. He’s a really fun guy, and this was on “Eat a Big Mac day,” where we filled our American obligation by eating a Big Mac. The other picture is Elder Maughan at his window. That’s where I study, so I always get to see people on the street and everything. I’m actually good friends with the garbage man now, and the people that walk their dogs, and everyone else. Everyone knows that when they pass by every morning between 8 and 10am there’s an American sitting in a shirt and tie reading the scriptures, which I guess is kind of funny.

That’s it for our exciting week. We’re working a lot here with the members, because that’s really the most effective way. I wish I had realized that a little bit more when I was at home. This ward is a really good ward, with a lot of strong members, returned missionaries, etc. I think about 60% of the returned missionaries from this ward were assistants in their missions, but we all suffer from the same problem when we’ve been in the church for a while in that we take it for granted, and don’t share the gospel as much as we should. So go share it!

Alright, I can’t think of anything else, really. Sorry. Man, this e-mail is lacking in excitement. The mission is awesome, I love it.

Life is good
Elder Maughan