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July 2006 - July 2008

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Look here for new photos and a movie. (08/20/07)

TRANSFERRED (06/25): Eric has been transferred to the town of Cruzeiro, an area that he has worked in before. It has a McDonald's and WalMart and lots of English-speaking people.

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(excerpts from e-mail sent 20 Aug, 2007)

Hey guys!

So, today’s another picture day. The first one is of me and Elder Hoon at the Rodoferroviaria, on his first day. It was a funny day; as soon as the new missionaries got there, I, with the other expectant fathers (trainers), went running up to them all hyper, asking where they were going. We thought we were speaking English, but I think it was actually Portuguese, judging from their confused looks. But Elder Hoon said Cruzeiro and then we all danced around and sang and took pictures.

Then there’s a 3 generation shot for you, my trainer (Elder Fernandes), me, and Elder Hoon.

You asked about our house, right? We’re now in a two room suite, which is actually the same house but we moved the closets and made a wall with them to make it two rooms. I even sent you a picture to prove it. And we’ve got another addition. Last night we were walking down the street and what did we find in our path (by ‘path’ I mean ‘dumpster by the side of the road’)? Two huge broken pieces of mirror! We figured it was a gift from God, so we (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’) carried them back home. They were huge and heavy, and my arms have never hurt so much in my life, haha. But now we have what looks like a luxurious NYC apartment.

Anyway, something interesting happened this week. We’re good friends with a family in the ward, Olga and her kids. She’s divorced, and her three teenage kids go to visit their dad a lot. We were there on Wednesday doing that “listona” activity with them, and we felt like we should return the next day. Then, on Thursday, we felt like we should go back there soon, but that it had nothing to do with what we had been planning to do. When we got there, they told us that the kids’ dad had been in a car-bike accident and had died the night before. So we’ve been going to their house relatively often, to just talk and listen and joke around with them. But it was interesting how God had told us what was going on, and how He knows us and what will help each one of us. And I’ve already been through something similar, obviously, so God’s been using me to help them out a little bit, which has been nice.

The President’s son just got back from his mission, and they were talking about how all their letters were focused on the missionary work. Whoops. But we’re working hard, don’t worry. We’re seeing miracles here, although at a slower rate than I would like, but they’re coming.

Alright, now I’m gonna send this and go cut my hair. Nothing worth complaining about here, but when I think of something I’ll let you know. Thanks for everything (maybe I’ll get a package tomorrow..?) and love you guys.
Life is good
Elder Maughan