Brazil Brasilia Mission
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Elder Eric Maughan
July 2006 - July 2008

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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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POUCH MAIL IS BEING DISCONTINUED FOR ALL MISSIONARIES SERVING IN BRAZIL. All mail must be sent directly to the mission office. (See Contact Information link)

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(excerpt from e-mail sent May 28, 2007)

Hey guys!!

How are things? Everything is going most excellently here. Well, actually let me start with the bad news- digital camera style. Being such a great son, I made some cool videos to send (playing football in the road, etc), and then went to go burn them on a CD to send. But first I stopped by the photo place to print off a few. Instead of printing them off, the camera place put some kind of virus on my card, so now I can’t get off the pictures, and it registers as a virus when I hook into a computer. So, summary: I’ve got a camera on which the buttons don’t work, and a chip with a virus. Ohh, and the covering is starting to come off the chip, too. But I didn’t lose many pictures, mostly just the cool videos for you, sorry. But I’ve got a plan with the internal memory of the camera which should work. Suggestion for all future missionaries: invest in an art class and colored pencils, and just draw in your journal on your mission. It’s much easier.

Anyway, last week was really good in Brazlandia. We baptized yesterday a young man we met on Monday, who had already visited the church a while ago, and is really converted to the gospel. That’s one miraculous thing about this work, is that God has these people prepared and ready, if we ask, seek, work, and are worthy. And if it’s His will. We’re going through a dry spell in the mission, with only 27 converted souls this week and 25 last week. That’s maybe good for 146 missionaries in Japan, but the field is white here in Brasilia, and we’re not reaping. But we (‘we’ being the missionaries I know) are working hard and being diligent, and learning a lot, so I’m not getting to nervous about anything. I intend to base the success of my mission on my effort and diligence, and what I learned, not on a number.

Hey, there are some photos coming your way. There are two that we took while walking between two neighborhoods in Brazlandia, me and Elder E. Santos. Then there’s one of the 4 people baptized this week. It was going to be five, but one of them hid from us when we got to his house to pick him up. And, despite my foolishly over-zealous efforts to talk to him (letting myself in the gate, etc), he decided not to be baptized. It’s alright, we’re not here to take away anyone’s agency. Although you should have seen Elder E. Santos when I waltzed into their yard like I owned the place. He was sure I was going to go to jail. I told him that I could outrun the police, but I don’t think he thought that was a good enough answer, haha. Someday I’ll be wiser.

We’re having a great time here. The Spirit is amazing, how it gives us knowledge and exactly what God wants us to say. It’s all a miracle.

Okay, I’m going to head out. It looks like the computer doesn’t like me, so we’ll have to wait another week before I can send you the pictures. I loved getting your pictures, though. Thanks for everything!! I’ll let you know when I can find something worth complaining about!

Elder Maughan