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July 2006 - July 2008

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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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Hey guys!!

How are things??  Sounds like everything's going really well up there, and I'm glad to hear that.  As you can tell, all the internet cafes in Gama Leste were closed last Monday, sorry about that.  but I sent some pictures to make up for it.  Ohh, and I got the digital camera safe and sound, in a pretty awesome package from Cami, too.  And I'm way happy right now, because I'm about to be transferred!!....

Anyway, I'm being transferred today, although I've already forgotten the name of my area and new companion, which might make things a little tricky.  I'll give you a rough outline of my travel schedule: today I'll hitch a ride for 1 hour to the (ready for this...) rodoferroviaria [bus station] in Brasília, where I'll hop on a bus for a 12-hour trip up to Palmas, the capital of Tocantins [a Brazilian state].  Then I'll either start looking for a river or take another bus to a river, where I'll hop on a boat for 5 hours until I get to my new area.  Anyway, I'm way excited about this, and have very high expectations for this boat ride.  Tocantins is an area incredibly hot and sunny, and we're apparently supposed to put on sunscreen two or three times a day and drink at least 3 liters of water to replace the sweat.  Should be pretty exciting.  I'm not really optimistic about the mail service in my new area (due to the word 'boat' in the directions of how to get there), but my area is Miracema 'B' (i just asked Elder Silva), which implies at least a Miracema 'A', so maybe it's a city big enough to have internet cafes.  Who knows.

Alright, I'm pretty excited about this. Should be an adventure.  Ironically, Elder Anderson of the Seventy is coming here in two weeks, but he's coming to Brasília, and the missionaries in Tocantins aren't going to come down to see him.  Unfortunate.  Oh, well.  I didn't call myself there.

I'm going to miss Gama, though; it's a great area.  Another man was baptized this week, Amauri, a 28-year-old who will really help the church as a leader in the future, I feel.  I had to repeat the baptism twice, because he's a big guy, and the font wasn't very full, and I'm a scrawny American with an accent.  But he was incredibly excited to be baptized, and he'll really help this ward.  I was in Gama Oeste this week, and I really learned a lot.  There, an 18-year-old, Carlos, was baptized, despite the fact that his stepdad burned the Book of Mormon while Carlos was being interviewed.  We gave Carlos a new one and told him to hide it.  This week was a very eye-opening one, and I learned a ton about missionary work and the world in general.  President Ezra Taft Benson said that "only the Gospel can save the world from the calamity of its own self-destruction," and as we tried to teach a 14-year-old breastfeeding her 10-month-old, and tried not to pay attention to the drunken neighbor outside screaming and using rocks to break the windows of her own house to (literally) kill her husband, I thought that he might be right. Nothing against Brazil, and I'm fairly positive that these problems are world-wide.

In other news, Craig, there was a kid in the other ward who was reading Eragon (In Portuguese), and I thought that was kinda cool.  Also, I decided to read my shampoo bottle with my knowledge of Portuguese (apparently aquired since the purchase of aforementioned bottle), and it turns out it's shampoo to "clarify naturally lightly-colored hair."  I feel kinda dumb.  But I don't know why they sell shampoo like that here, since the only light-haired people are the American missionaries.

Alright, I've got to do important things like say goodbye to investigators, eat, take more pictures, and get my swimsuit, canoe paddles, and life jacket ready for this boat ride.  Love you guys, thanks for everything, and i'll write again in a week! (hopefully)

E. Maughan