Brazil Brasilia Mission
Called to Serve
Elder Eric Maughan
July 2006 - July 2008

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Quick Information:

Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Check out LOTS of new photos here. (06/03/08)

Pouch Mail Address:
POUCH MAIL IS BEING DISCONTINUED FOR ALL MISSIONARIES SERVING IN BRAZIL. All mail must be sent directly to the mission office. (See Contact Information link)

Questions or comments?

E-mail me at

Rumor has it that missionaries live for letters! We're sure that Eric will be happy to get letters from friends and family and so here's the information you might need.

There are a number of different ways to reach Eric in Brasilia.

1. Pouch mail is being discontinued for all missionaries serving in Brazil. Please use one of the addresses below.

2. In the event that you want to send Eric a package or photos or anything that is not a letter, please use the Brasilia Mission home address below:

Missão Brasil Brasília
SHIN – CA 05
Lote B-1, Sala 304
Brasília,  DF   71503-505

3. The quickest way to reach Eric is by e-mailing a letter to his account:

Letters sent to this address will either be forwarded to him in Brasilia or be printed out in Brazil and then mailed to him. Either way, he will receive them more quickly than if you had mailed them from the US.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact me.