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Elder Eric Maughan
July 2006 - July 2008

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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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(excerpts from e-mail sent 28 Jan 2008)

Hey guys!
Hello from Posse! Thing are going really well here; it’s a great area and a great city. For those of you who happen to be map-inclined (dad), you might be interested to see where I am. We’re in Posse, a city almost on the border of three states: Goias, Tocantins, and Bahia. It’s a 5 ½ hour bus ride from Brasilia, and the nearest missionaries are in Formosa (4 hours) and Gurupi (about 600 km, but all dirt roads). It’s actually a long distance call to reach any other missionary, which is kind of exciting. Mom, you asked about district meeting and everything; we’re only going to go to district meeting once every transfer, and zone conference, too. Zone conference is this week- we’ll leave Tuesday at midnight, the conference is from 8 until 4, and then we’ll take the 7:30 pm bus back. It’s all very exciting.

My companion is Elder Schendroski, another companion from Sao Paulo. He’s a really good missionary, really willing to learn and everything. It’s fun because you do what you can to teach him everything you know. And it’s been really fun being with someone who’s new in the mission. As a missionary, some things get really routine, and it’s just not that exciting sometimes. For example, when we taught a family who was really excited and believed in the message, he got teary-eyed and was really happy afterwards. Whereas the cold, seasoned, veteran Elder Maughan thought it all quite normal. So it’s really good to be with a new missionary to help you appreciate some things that you take for granted. He’s also really excited and willing to learn, which is really fun as a trainer.

Anyway, I’ll tell you a little about our life here. We got to the city Wednesday at 1:30 am, with our suitcases and boxes of material, called up the branch president, and slept at his house. Then, after a 4-hour power nap until 6:30, we went to the house that the members had picked out and recently painted for us (that’s what happens when you’re the first missionaries in 2 years). And the mission closed a house in Tocantins, and rented a moving van that brought everything from that house to ours; washing machine, stove, etc. So we’re very happy. The only problem was that the furniture got here yesterday, so our living conditions weren’t really up to par- ironing at member’s houses, showering at member’s houses, but we’re all set now, don’t worry.

The work here’s going well. We’re using the members to find our new investigators, and we found a young couple that’s really excited about the church and will be baptized this week- Sidmar and Nara. They read the Book of Mormon together, and afterwards recited almost every detail of 1 nephi 1-4. It was incredible. We found a couple other people like that; really good, honest people, who are just waiting for the gospel to change their lives.

What else is there to say? It’s a town of about 30,000, but it’s the biggest town for hundreds of miles, so there’s a bank, average-sized supermarkets, everything you could need. There are a lot of people that live in the farms around here, and it seems that almost all our street contacts are with them. “Do you live around here?” “No, I live on a farm 75 miles from here; this is my yearly visit to the city.” But the city has a great atmosphere, a country town, and I really, really like it. The feel of the city is the best of any area I’ve been through (although this week is carnival, and judging from what I hear and the preparations I see, all the city folk come to the county for carnival- I’m still not sure if we’ll leave our house….) Anyway, a very nice place.

Alright, we’re going to run (in the rain). Thanks for everything, love you guys!
Elder Maughan