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July 2006 - July 2008

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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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POUCH MAIL IS BEING DISCONTINUED FOR ALL MISSIONARIES SERVING IN BRAZIL. All mail must be sent directly to the mission office. (See Contact Information link)

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(excerpt from e-mail sent Jan 7, 2008)

Hey guys,
How are things? Sounds like the new year is going relatively well for everyone up in yankee town. This year started off really well here. There were 3 baptisms in our area this week, and its been a while since we've had that many, so the members are really excited, and things are really going to start taking off. Once the members see that you're working hard, they start to be more excited about helping, so things are looking up.

Wednesday we had a new years conference with President and his two brothers, one who is a stake president and one who just got back from serving as a mission president. It was really powerful. They talked a lot about obedience, diligence, missionary work, and things like that. What would you expect.

One of the better things that has happened in my mission was wednesday when President said that, while we are teaching, we can stay out as long as we need to. So this week we worked until 11-ish almost every day, and hardly slept at all, and it was really enjoyable.

This week we got a referral from the ward missionaries in Nuclear Banderante (a ward where I worked when I was in cruzeiro) of two young women who wanted to be baptized, Monica and Adriana. I don't know that I've ever seen two people as converted as the two of them, and it was incredible to watch. They already knew almost everything, and all we did was answer some questions and set up the baptism, and they were baptized. President has talked a lot about how our baptism meetings should be really well organized, and we worked really hard on this one, and had a lot of visitors there, and now we'll teach and baptize them. It's all one happy cycle.

In other news, we also moved this week. Actually, today. Despite the fact that the others wanted to have p-day and move some other day, but I was never a p-day fan, so I think this is our third week without a restful p-day, haha. We found a really nice house in a perfect location that actually fits everyone, so now we're all happy. The other house worked well enough, but my new theory is that I don't want to suffer any more than necessary, so why not find a better house? So that's where we are now.

In answer to a few of your questions, we got the phase 10 box and the box from the Petersens and Reeves, which was really, really nice of them. The other missionaries get really excited when a box comes from the states.

Well, I'm going to head out and sleep. Or write letters. Or read. This week was the 1 ½ year mark, for those of you keeping score at home. Very weird. Just 6 more months- it's time to work like crazy. Life is good.

Elder Maughan