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July 2006 - July 2008

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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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(excerpts from an e-mail sent December 11, 2007)

Hey guys,

Transfer news: I’m staying here but Elder G Goncalves is being transferred up to Tocantins to enjoy the 105 degree weather. I’m going to miss him; he’s a great missionary and really easy to get along with. It was a really fun transfer. My new companion will be Elder Reis (‘heys’- it means king), and I’ve never met him and know nothing about him. But there are some other big changes- our district split, and there will be another companionship here in Valparaiso!! I’m way excited, because they’ll be living in the same house, and there is no way space for all of us. I know one of the other Elders who will be with us, Elder F Santana, and he’s a great guy. So I’m way excited. The bad news is that the sisters, dos santos and da silva, are going to the other district. We’re really sad because we started our missions together and Sister dos Santos has only one transfer left, so we almost finished together. She almost cried when I told her on the phone but hey, that’s the way it is sometimes. Also, of the 12 missionaries in the one-district-turned-two, I’m the only American. Hopefully I won’t forget English before Christmas.

We opened a few of the Christmas packages today (Elder G Goncalves’ last day here), and loved the pants and the M&M’s. Most excellent. And we are, of course, the only district that has an inflatable Christmas tree.

This week was a good one, three people were baptized, although we were teaching two families with a total of 11, so it should have been better. There was an activity in the Primary on Saturday, and the kids from the family went and liked it and wanted to be baptized, so they were baptized on Satuday. They’re all really happy, and everyone needs to be baptized, so life is good. And we’re teaching a few other good families who will be baptized soon, or at least, that’s the plan.

I want to change my answer to a question from last week- what’s the funnest part about missionary work. My new favorite thing is hitchhiking, and we do it a lot here. You’d be ashamed if you knew how much we hitchhike, mom. But it’s really fun and efficient. It’s also a great way to make contacts and meet new investigators. And almost everyone’s willing to help, so life is good.

In answer to another question, we try to spend a lot of time working with the members, since that’s the most effective way to work. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned, but we try to make committments with the members for them to bring people to church, talk about the gospel, etc. It’s much more effective than just making contacts, although we do that, too.

Alright, time to grab the bags, walk in the rain to catch the bus, and then we’re off to the rodoferroviaria. I’ll write next week about my companion, etc. But for now, life is good!

Talk to you in 2 weeks-
Elder Maughan