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July 2006 - July 2008

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Look here for new photos and a movie. (08/20/07)

TRANSFERRED (06/25): Eric has been transferred to the town of Cruzeiro, an area that he has worked in before. It has a McDonald's and WalMart and lots of English-speaking people.

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(excerpt from e-mail sent August 20, 2007)

Hey guys

I haven’t read your e-mails yet, but I hope that everything is going well. Things are still going well here in Cruzeiro, although there’s nothing really exciting going on. The work is moving on, although relatively slowly. Sometimes I feel like a missionary in Europe with the amount that our district has been baptizing, but no big deal. We’re working like crazy, and doing our best, so what else is there? Yesterday was stake conference, which was pretty fun because I know most of the missionaries in the mission and a lot of the members in the stake, too, through all the trades and everything that we’ve done. And it’s always fun to see other missionaries and trade ideas and stories and everything.

In other cool news, Saturday was national “eat a Big Mac day,” in which we, as Americans, felt obligated to participate. It was pretty fun. I guess most of the R$7 I paid for the Big Mac goes to help little children with cancer, so it can’t be an all-bad thing, right? Although I think it might very well have been the first time I’ve eaten a Big Mac in my life, which was cool.... And Elder Hoon and I just went to Wal-mart and ate what we decided were the best doughnuts of our lives. My life is hard!

Good question about the transportation. We’re all about the buses here. There are actually vans driven by crazy men who will take you from city to city, which is always an adventure. But for the most part it’s all buses, all the time. Or walking, obviously. I was thinking a lot about that this week, and how much I’ve changed and everything. I remember when I got here one thing that I was not very happy about was the idea of spending two years in cities, but it’s kind of grown on me. Now I sort of like getting on crowded buses, taking the bus everywhere, knowing my way around the city, etc. It’s kind of fun and exciting. More fun now that I know my way around, and can speak with the people. Or maybe going “cold turkey” with my mountain addiction has left me crazy. One of the two.

It’s fun being here with Elder Hoon. His Portuguese is pretty good, and he speaks with a really good accent. Probably better than mine. Sometimes people think that he speaks and understands a lot, because his accent is good, not a problem that I tend to have. But hey, it wasn’t my choice to speak Portuguese. My few years of spitting and back-throat German speaking didn’t do me a whole lot of good when I got here to the nasally, roll-your-r language. But oh, well.

The mission here is doing really well right now, too. The past month 287 people were baptized, which is the most that have ever been baptized. There have been a lot of miracles.

Alright, we’re going to go get something to eat. Life is good here, we’re learning and growing, and working, and having a good time. Thanks for everything, and love you guys!

Life is good
Elder Maughan