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July 2006 - July 2008

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Look here for new photos and a movie. (07/30/07)

TRANSFERRED (06/25): Eric has been transferred to the town of Cruzeiro, an area that he has worked in before. It has a McDonald's and WalMart and lots of English-speaking people.

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(excerpts from e-mail sent on 7 Aug 2007)

Hey guys!

How are things? Sounds like everyone’s really busy, which is good to hear. It was a great week here in Cruzeiro, and I worked with Elder Dunford, who is on an airplane, as we speak, heading back to the States after two years. We spoke exclusively English for the whole week, except for while we were teaching or wanted to be nice to the members, when we spoke Portuguese. After two years his English was pretty horrible, as is mine, and we keep translating things literally from Portuguese to English, which was really funny. It was a really fun time, and we actually got a lot done, too. Actually, we worked a lot, but our numbers weren’t so hot. We spent all on Friday running from city to city doing interviews, etc, and then all Saturday doing baptisms. We got up at 6:29 [our mission is one minute better], made an excellent cake for the baptism, and then went to the chapel to fill up the font. After that, we went to Estrutural (that city that is part of our ward but doesn’t have missionaries), where we ate lunch at Francisca’s house. Francisca’s a lady whom Elder Dunford taught 10 months ago when he was here, who said she would only be baptized if he came back. Then God sent him back, and she was baptized. Anyway, we got to the baptism at 3:30, and it was one of the best meetings of my mission. The two elders sang “Abide with Me,” and the Spirit was really there. It was awesome. Then we left to go to Nucleo Banderante, another city close by without missionaries, where Benancia was baptized. I did her interview, and I was thinking, “man, this is really easy, there should be some sort of ´trial of our faith, ´right?”. Bad question. We left the interview and they told us that there was no more water in the chapel, and there was only about 6 inches of water in the font. It was relatively funny. After weighing the options, which included: call the fire department to fill it up, do the baptism lying down, etc, we decided to just do a bucket brigade from the neighbor’s house, which was also entertaining. But it worked out in the end. The more I do these interviews the more impressed I get with how God really prepares people to hear the gospel, and to follow Him being baptized. It’s very cool.

Anyway, like you know, this week is transfers. Elder Monção was transferred to Taguatinga, where he’ll be with one Elder Fernandes, my trainer!! That’s pretty exciting. I’ll be staying here in Cruzeiro, and I’ll be training, which I’m pretty excited about. There are 6 new missionaries this transfer (4 Americans and 2 Brazilians).

We went to the “fair of the importeds” today, which was really cool. They have everything there! Even GPS receivers and other things that make me homesick. But it was a good time.

Alright, my creative side is running out, and we’ve got a ton of stuff to do today, so that’s all for now. Ohh, and this week the mission baptized 84 souls, the most ever, as far as I know. And our district… will do better. But life is good!! This should be a good transfer. We’re going to see miracles here. Life is good!

Elder Maughan