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Elder Eric Maughan
July 2006 - July 2008

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Look here for new photos and a movie. (07/23/07)

TRANSFERRED (06/25): Eric has been transferred to the town of Cruzeiro, an area that he has worked in before. It has a McDonald's and Wal-mart and lots of English-speaking people.

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(excerpts from e-mail sent July 23, 2007)

Hey guys!

I’ll start out by explaining the pictures for you. The first one is me up in a tree, which is just a random tree we found and it was P-day, so we decided to climb it. The thing in my hand is a little laminated picture of the First Vision, and the other side is a picture of Jesus´s baptism. I walk up to people in the road, show them the first vision, ask them if they believe in it, and then if they say they do, I flip it around and invite them to be baptized like Christ was. It’s like an initial separating of the wheat from the tares. And it’s fun.
The second is what I do for 15 minutes every day, so I can beat Scott when I get back. I think the pink jump rope with the black socks should be a new trend.

Anyway, those are the exciting photos. It was a good week this week, although it was also pretty hard. We had to work like crazy to get the “standard of excellence,” and it turns out that we didn’t have a baptism and only one person at sacrament meeting. But we tried. The hard thing about a mission is that when you don’t do as well as you wanted to or you don’t reach your goals you feel like you’re failing yourself and God. That’s not a cool feeling. Or if your district has a horrible week, and all the other districts have good weeks, and you’re the district leader, you feel relatively rotten. But hey, life is about having disappointments and getting over them.

I’m going to have to start planning out on Sunday night what I’m going to say in Monday’s e-mail, haha. Missionary work’s good, but there’s not a lot of variety. This week I made a cool contact, though! We were in an apartment building and Elder Monção noticed a door that had a sign that said, “Welcome. A family of God lives here.” Not one to miss an opportunity like that, I knocked on the door and when they answered said, “I see that you are a family of God. We’re representatives of Jesus Christ. Let us the share a message with you.”

Man, if that’s the best story I can come up with from this week, I need help. I liked reading about the house! For what it’s worth, I don’t have a lawn or a driveway, and we’re going to buy a mirror today. So don’t expect sympathy from me. Although it’s certainly hotter there than here. It doesn’t really get too hot in Brasilia, maybe 75-80, although it’s obnoxiously dry.

We’re trying hard here to work a lot with the members, because that’s really the best way to do this work, according to the prophet. It’s hard to bring new people to church, because most of the time they have to make friends before they can really progress. So, if you find someone to teach through the members, you’ve got an automatic support system, and things are a lot easier and better for everyone.

Love you guys!

Elder Maughan

Ohh, I got the package last week with the ties and the CDs!! It was great, thanks. It was actually the night of our unintentional sleep-over (we un-did the trade at 8 at night, and then found out that the buses had stopped for the day), so each elder got a tie, which was awesome. Thanks a bunch!!