Brazil Brasilia Mission
Called to Serve
Elder Eric Maughan
July 2006 - July 2008

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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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POUCH MAIL IS BEING DISCONTINUED FOR ALL MISSIONARIES SERVING IN BRAZIL. All mail must be sent directly to the mission office. (See Contact Information link)

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(Excerpts from e-mail sent on 8/1/2006)

Hey guys!!
Thanks for the e-mail! and yeah, I've started receiving your letters, in hordes!! haha. I'm not sure exactly how many there have been, but it makes me feel really loved. And I think the cheesecake is here waiting for me, but I'm not really sure... I need to investigate further. thanks so much, though!

Things are still most excellent around here! Last friday was awesome because we went proselyting in downtown São Paulo. Very cool. We passed out pass along cards, committing the people to call the number on the card, and I really think some of them will. the field is pretty white in Brazil. Proselyting was really cool, and a good experience. we were pretty good at saying our thing, but it was bad news when the people tried to talk back, because we really couldn't understand anything... most unfortunate.

We also got Brazilian roommates this week!! Now it's elder powers and me and two brazilians who speak just a little bit of english. really fun. We stay up late talking, well, trying to communicate, and practicing how to teach in Português while they work on a little bit of english. Being able to speak English really helps in the business world, so the Church really encourages missionaries to learn it. in fact, brazilians get a copy of Preach my Gospel and the book of Mormon in english when they get here.

I sent a letter, pretty full of good stuff, to you guys today. well, I will. I have an hour to get my pictures back and mail the letter and be back inside the gates of the CTM, so hopefully that will happen. Dad's got a picture of him by the Great wall? that's really excellent!! I'm kinda jealous.

We went to the São paulo temple today, and it was really neat. It's in the middle of the city, so really cool looking. And it's always a great experience to go to the temple here, because you can have an awesome spiritual experience in a language you don't even really know!

It sounds like everyone's having a great time up there; that's great to hear. Everything is peachy down here. It's been cold the past two days, like maybe 45 or 50 degrees. Remember the picture of me and dad bundled up on the top of snowy mt rainier? that's what brazilians look like when it's 50 degrees. It's really funny. But they'll have the last laugh when I'm dying of heat and they're used to it.

Alright, well, i'm off to go mail your letter! Then go eat again {I do that a lot}, sit in class, and do it all over again tomorrow! It's fun, though, and it feels great to be learning. Boa Sorte e Eu amo vocês!! Eu ora para cada vocês indavidualmente cada noite! Tchau! Eric