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Elder Eric Maughan
July 2006 - July 2008

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Eric's itinerary has arrived! He will be flying into the Albany NY airport, arriving at 10:25 am on Wednesday, July 2, 2008. We're excited!!

Lots of new pictures today. Check them out here. (04/28/08)

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(excerpts from an e-mail sent January 15, 2007)

Hey mom!!

How are things? Sounds like everyone's happy and healthy, so that's awesome to hear.  Things are really good here, too.  I'm trying to send some pictures, and it's not really working, but they weren't really that exciting anyway.

Hey, look, now the picture's working.  That's me and Elder Coelho, my companion.  We're on the ferry on the way to Miracema.  They put a dam in the river between here and Palmas, which puts a damper on the boat ride, so we just took a bus and a ferry.

So yeah, I'm here in Miracema, the area in our mission farthest from the President!!  Last Tuesday we took an overnight, 12-hour bus ride north (FYI, north would be towards the equator) to Palmas, and then took a two hour bus ride on mostly dirt roads up to the river, which we crossed on a ferry to get to Miracema.  My companion, Elder Coelho, has been out the same time that I have, and we're having a way fun time.  We're actually opening this area, in that there were two missionaries in this branch and now there are four. So neither of us knows anything about the area, which means it's been an awesome learning experience.

It's a fun time here, because the four missionaries are all living in the same house, so we joke around all the time, while working hard, too, of course.  And today we bought some furniture, so Elder Coelho and I will finally have beds, a closet, desks, etc.  I'm pretty excited for that, too.  The four of us are our own district here in Miracema, so once a transfer we'll go down to Palmas for Zone Conference, but that will be the only time that we'll see other missionaries.  And the only time we'll get letters, too, so if I don't write anyone, don't get too offended.  Ohh, I got the package from Dan and Cami, though!!!  It was awesome!!  I think I ate a half a pound of Swedish Fish before I went to bed last night.  It was a great feeling.

You were right about a lot of things about Miracema do Tocantins. I haven't seen any beaches here yet, but it's a relatively small city, with a branch and everything.  It's also pretty hot.  I don't know what would say the temperature is here or in Palmas, but add about 30 degrees beacuse of the sun.  It's ridiculous.  But hey, it could be worse.  And being hot's not really that big a deal, you just sweat all the time and put on a ton of sun block.  I think I mentioned earlier that the water here in Brazil is kept in a big drum on top of the house, so to have cold water, you put it in the fridge, and for hot water, you buy a heater for the shower.  Our shower hot water heater here hasn't worked since we got here, but when you wake up in the morning, and you're already sweating, it's not such a problem, haha.

Miracema is also in the middle of the jungle, which makes me pretty excited.  A lot of the people here are lamanite decendants, and there are Indian towns not far from here.  I'm going to go preach to them before I leave here, I've decided.  I just need to learn Indian.  Today we're going to hang out in the jungle with some guys from the ward, so I'll take lots of pictures, don't worry.

Anyway, a little bit about the work here....  our goal here in Tocantins is to turn the district of Palmas into a stake.  So we're here to strengthen this branch here, reactivate and baptize, and hopefully in March or April they'll announce the creation of the stake Brazil Palmas.  Keep your eye on the Church News, because there will be a bunch of missionaries here celebrating when they do.

We've got to run, because they're about to deliver our closet, for which I am very, very exciting.  I'm also way hungry.  Alright, love you guys, thanks for everything, and thanks a lot for the birthday pictures!!

Life is good,

E. Maughan